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How Can You Help?

We need your support to ensure we truly can make a difference in our community! Below are all the ways you can help us thrive in our en-devours to make youth in underserved communities shine! If money is not something you have to spare we welcome your donation of time, or items. It's Your contribution that gets us closer to making an impact on the lives your helping us change everyday!

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Assists with general cost to run program and continue to offer the youth quality services within their family’s means.




Support us in offering activities such as field trips, training, and events that positively encourage and enrich the lives and futures of our youth.




Help provide supplies and equipment needed such as books, art supplies, recording equipment, general school supplies etc.



Computer Equipment

Your support helps provides equipment needed for our STEM Program in which they rebuild working systems that the students then take home.  

Family 1st

This area of support allows us to help families with emergency needs or 1 time assistance out of a tough spot so that they are able to maintain and not become homeless.


Please support us in obtaining a van/bus to transport our students to and from the program, activities and  training when parents can’t.

Transportation Covered
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We Need You!

Volunteers help make the difference in the support of our students, their families and our community. We are looking for volunteers in the ares of
-The Arts (dance, music, art, acting, etc.)
-Summer & After-School
-And more